Ei to Ami Chords by Rupam Islam

Song Name: Ei to Ami
Movie: Mahanagar@kolkata
Singer: Rupam Islam
Music: Rupam Islam

Done by Agnivo

INTRO: Starts with bustling nature sounds and plain notes played in distortion on Dmajor.

(C)Tomar choke (G)brishti porche (D)rimjhim
(C)Atonke tar (G)hoche amr har (D)him

(C)Tomar reshmi (G)ghase buke (D)ghoste
(C)Tercha hasi (G)futche amr (D)osthe

(C)Nake mukhe (G)soda toker (D)gondho
(C)Tomar (G)malikana didha (D)dhondo

(C)Bechte nijer (G)atta premer (D)sorte
(C)Ar kotokaal (G)sorgo khujbo (D)morte

(C)Ei to ami (D)Ostogami
(C)Mangsohaare(G) Dhongshostup(D)

(C)Dubchi Bhabchi (D)Bhalobasi
(C)Jonmo mrityu(G) Ondhokuup(D)

(C)Ei to amar (D)Joutho khamar
(C)Katchi Katbo (G) Sesh (D)Fosol

(C)Basundhora (D)Ghatermora
(C)Chitar Khate(G)Soino (D)dol

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