Guitar Chords for Ami gai ghore pherar Gaan Parama

Song : Ami Gai Ghore Pherar Gaan
This song’s Hindi version has been used in a Bollywood movie Bhram
Hindi Version : Jaane kyun
Artist : Parama/Chandrani
Guitar Scale : A minor

Guitar Chords:

ami gai ghore pherar gaan
utola keno e pran
sudhu je dake fire amake
F                                       E
bidesh bibhue pore achi tobu charena
keno charena pichutan
ami tai ekhono klantihin
cholechi ratridin
suni chomke jai thomke
F                                      E
kotha hote jeno bhese ase sur chena
khub chena mon majhe amolin
Gm                               Bb
firbo bolle fera jay naki periyecho
desh kal janonaki e samoy
Gm                                        Bb
ekhono samne poth hanta baki chaileo
dite parbena fanki nischoy
(same as above)
ami chai fire jete sei gnay
bandhano boter chay
sei nodotir haoa jhirjhir
moner govire pore thaka jato smriti bisritikakhono ki bhola jay
(same as first verse)
ami prai
ekhono khunji se desh
jani nei abosesh
morichika hay swapno dekhay
soisobe aar fera jabe na to neipoth nei hariey geche se desh

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  1. Awesome.. but I need the solo part.. after the last stanza.. kichutei parchina.. please help me out.. I would be really grtful

    1. Hi Siddhartha, as you know tabbing takes lot of time to be done. And we all suffer from want of time. But I would give it a try for you. Thanks.

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