Guitar Chords for ei pothe jay chole by Shyamal Mitra

Song : Ei Pothe Jay Chole
Singer : Shyamal Mitra
Music Album : Bengali Modern Songs
Guitar Scale : F#m

Guitar Chords :
F#m         C#
ei pothe jay chole
F#m            C#
jhara pata jay dole
D          C#                     F#m
oh o o o kon sure utalamon amar
noy se kache noi se dure tobu jani se je kar
F#m         C#
ei pothe jay chole….
F#m                     F#
ei je pakhi gaane anmona
F#                      B
ei je sure maya jalbona
D                        F#m
ei je pakhi gaane anmona
emni kore roilo tara chirodini sei tomar
ei pothe…..

A                                        E
mone mone sei katha je baje gunjori
D                                 F#m
ful sakhe tari choa othe manjori

(same as ei je pakhi…) 

kon se maya notun pollobe 

kar se chaya jage durlove

kon se maya notun pollobe

ektu choya roy se mise bhiru mone kon asay

ei pothe….

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