Guitar Chords for Ichhe dana by Parash Pathar

Song : Ichhe Dana 
Music Band : Parash Pathar
Guitar Scale : C
(Sounds better wiith acoustic guitar)

Guitar Chords:

akdin dekhbo alo
andharer sesh jekhane
asbe dakhin batas
akasher barta niye
C                   G    Bb                 F
ek jhak ichhe dana jader aaj urte mana
G#               G                C
milbei tader abadh……swadhinata

jekhane tomar amar kono katha nei
katha nei kothao thamar
thik nei gharer hodish sudhu ache poth
katodur nei ta janar
C            G
kedona bondhu amar
Bb                 F
gao gaan niyom bhangar
G#          G                   C
e ganer sesei ache….bhorer akash

…rest of the lyrics follows the same chord progression

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