Guitar Chords for Kano korle erokom by Fossils

Song : Kano Korle Erokom 
Artist : Rupam Islam 
Band : Fossils (A Rock Music Band from Bengal)
Music Album : Fossils

Music Composer: Rupam

Guitar Scale : E minor

Guitar Chords:

Em                         G
bhorer batase jato snigdhota ache
Am                                  Em
bandhak rekhe chilam premer kache
Em                         G
roder adore jato tibrata ache
Am                       Em
helay firiye diyechi akashe
Em                       G
niswa niswa niswa ek biswa biswaye
Am                         Em
bhalobese amar nihontake
keno korle erokom
        D          Em
keno korle erokom


Em                           C
aaj nakal lage sab sukher kahini
D                        Em
dirgha sase dirgha jamini
Em                             C
notun porichoye bare sudhu glani
D                              Em
hatray hath chute chay jake chini

(same as bhorer batase….)

oof kato din tomake dekhini

dekhteo chaina e katha mithhe noy

asole jibon bole sotti kichu nei

jibon jibito thakar abhinoy

keno korle erokom


keno korle erokom oho

keno korle erokom

keno korle erokom

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