Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Akasher chand matir bukete by Asha Bhosle

Song : Akasher Chand matir Bukete
Artist : Asha Bhosle
Film : Guru Dakshina
Guitar Scale : D minor
Guitar Chords :
Dm                    Bb                                              C
akasher chand matir bukete jochona rong dhore
                                                 F                                                Dm
amar jibone keno barebare tomake tomake tomake mone pore
C                  Bb                           F
la la lal la la la la la la la la la la la la lala
F                                                       Bb                       F
kalo meghe aaj akashe cheyeche chandta giyeche dheke
F                                                       Bb                      F
dekha dao tumi hasi mukh niye andhar kalima theke
 C                                                        Bb                 Dm
rajanigandhar madhur subashe daona e mon bhore
akasher chand matir….
Dm                   C                                                  Dm
mor jibone duhher bhar chaina tomay dite upohar
Dm                   C                                                  Dm
tomar surer sagar kule duhate debo je anjali tule
C                                                        Bb                 Dm
tomar sritite ei mon amar ache je bhore
akasher chand matir…

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