Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Ami Chalte Chalte by Lata Mangeshkar / Salil Choudhury

Song : Ami Chalte Chalte
Artist : Lata Mangeshkar
Music Album: Bengali Modern Songs
Music: Salil Choudhury (Great Composer of India)
Guitar key : G
Guitar Chords:
(G)ami chalte chalte theme gechi
ami (Em)bolte bolte bhule (C)gechi
je (D)katha tomakeĀ  (G)bolbo
ami sapto sindhu par hoye
gosp(Em)ade bandha pore (C)gechi
balo(D)na ki kore ch(G)albo
jan(C)ina jan(G)ina jani(C)na jani(G)na
(D)katodin kakhan emon lagan se (D7)asbe
duchokh bhore sudhu (C)kadbo
aar (D)bhule jabo mukto (G)sona
ami pantho pantho sudureri
ami klanto clanto hoye gechi
e batha kahare bolbo
esona esona esona esona
e shyamal sajal kajal uchal e sandhay
kichukhon bose bose jakna
aar bhule jai jato bhabna
ami rikto rikto hoye gechi
ami mukto hote je cheyechi
e bandhon ki kore khulbo

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  1. Very good work sir. Nice, rich blog you have created for the people who are looking out for chords of Hindi & Bengali songs.

    1. Hi Soumen & Arpita, As you know, creating guitar tabs is a hell of a time consuming task, it’s not really possible to come up with note to note TABS at least for a busy bee like me. Best option is to train your ears and play whatever you want. But surely I would share other Salil choudhury song chords in future.

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