Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Dola by Bhupen Hazarika

Song : Dola
Singer : Bhupen Hazarika
Music Album : Bengali Modern Songs
Guitar scale :  C minor
Guitar Chords:

dola he dola he dola he dola
heiana heiana heiana heia
he dola he dola he dola
(F)anka banka pothe mora (Cm)kandhe niye chute jai (G#)raja maha rajader (Cm)dola


(F)amader jiboner (Cm)ghame bheja sorirer bion(G#)imoye poth chole (Cm)dola




(Cm)dolar bhitore jholmol kore je(G#) sundor poshaker (Cm)saaj

aar fire fire dekhi tai jhikmik kore je (G#)mathay reshomer (Cm)taaz

(A#)hay mor cheletir ulongo sorire(G#) ektu jama nei (Cm)khola
duchokhe jol ese (G#)montake bandhe je tobuo boye jai (Cm)dola

he dola he dola he dola


(F)juge juge chuti mora kandhe niye dolati (A#)deho o bhenge bhenge (Cm)pore

(F)ghume chokh dhulu dhulu (G#)raja maharajader (A#)amader  gham jhore (Cm)pore

(Cm)unchu oi pahare dhire dhire uthe jai (G#)bhalo kore paye pa (Cm)mela

(Cm)hothat kandher theke pichliye jodi (G#)pore aar dola jabe nako (G)tola

(G#)raja maharaja (Cm)dola

baro baro manusher dola he dola he dola

e heiana heiana heiana heia

he dola he dola he dola

(Terrific song by Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.Play ,sing and please comment)

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  1. My tribute to his parents as well as for respected Bupen Hazarika (uncle).Out of some of his songs like Ganga amar maa ar padma amar maa,Ranar chaleche chithi hate nia,Manas manusher jone ar jiban jibaner jone,etc. We will always keep in our memory.

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