Guitar Chords& Lyrics for Kathay kathay je raat by Manna Dey

Song : Kathay Kathay je raat
Artist : Manna Dey
Music Album : Best Songs
Guitar Scale  D#m

Guitar Chords :

D#m                         B7
kathay kathay je raat hoye jay
 F#7                    D#m
ki katha rakhle baki
                     B7                   F#                  C#
khuje dekhona bujhe dekhona bhebe dekhona taki janona
D#m                B           C#             D#m
kichu na bole chole giye mon ke diyona faki
tomar chokher aloy ami e mon korechi alo
B            C#                           F#             D#m
amar bhalobasay tumi akash prodip jalo
         B7                         F#
priyo bhasini katha rakhoni
B                   F#               B           D#m
ashay ashay sudhui je aar kato bose thaki
D#m                           B                       C#
aaj ki tomar swopno dekhar samoy niye niye
jay je sab hariye
(same as tomar chokher aloy)
tomar protham dake ami anek diyechi sara
tomar moner chayay ami ghure ghure dishahara
priobhasini katha rakhoni
fagun ese ajante aaj holo ki boisakhi

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