Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Moyna go by Lata Mangeshkar

Song : O Mor Moyna Go
Artist : Lata Mangeshkar
Music : Salil Choudhury
Album : Modern Bengali Songs
Guitar Scale : D#m

Guitar Chords :

o mor moyna go
o mor moyna go
kar karone tumi ekela
kar bihone bihone diba nishi utola
                    C#                D#m
seto asbena seto firbena firbena
o mor moyna go

D#m                                     B
dur dur dur dur pane anmone chahiya
    C#      G#      D#m
ki birage ragini jao gahiya
D#m                         C#
sobuje sobuje bhora bonani
furabe fagun bujhi janoni
G#                      D#m
hayre hayre bujhi ta janoni
o mor moyna go

(same as V2)

jhar jhar jhar du noyon jhar jhar jharaye

kano thako bisade mon bharaye

ja kichu haraye gelo jakna

neel akshe melo pakhna

daore daore mele pakhna

moyna go…

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