Guitar Chords & Lyrics for O Amar by Prithibi / Koushik

Song : O Amar
Artist : Koushik (Lead Vocalist of Band Prithibi)
Band : Prithibi
( A Rock Music Band)
Album: Prithibi
Guitar Scale :E major
Guitar Chords :
jhaura patar buk chire tumi
dekhecho ki hridoy jure
A                                            B
jome ache kauto jauntrona amar sujan
o o o ki bisakto se khon chilo sedin
tumi chile hridoy jure amar
A                               B
sudhu tumi sudhu amar sujan
C#m                       B           E
sedino bujhini tumi nau amar apon
C#m                                      B
mithey obhinoye bhange amar mon
C#m      E                C#m      E
tumio baulona korle keno chaulona
            C#m         E            B
bhangle hridoy bhalobasar obhinoye
sab mithey
C#m               E                   C#m     E
parbe ki bhalobasay bandhte buk ei ashay
         C#m      E           B
firiye dite amar se din gulo
E             C#m       A          E                
o amar oamar o amar o amar
E           B               A            E
tumi esechile amar swopner rani hoye
               B                  A         E
bhalobese chilam ami ontor ujar kore
E           B               A            E
paye paye poth chola chilo chilo swapno dekha
E           B               A                        B
bolechile tumi amay nei bhoy nei theme thakar
sedino bujhini …..
(Rest of the lyrics follow the same chord progression)

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10 Replies to “Guitar Chords & Lyrics for O Amar by Prithibi / Koushik”

    1. Dear deep the above chord & scale both r right…bcoz koushik da(vocal of prithibi) has given this progression only to me personally…:)
      just set your voice & try to sing it…

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your comment. If a song is in E major, there should not be any problem in singing it in D major. Nobody is wrong. But as far original scale is concerned, i generally do it after listening to the official record. Doesn’t really matter if you love the D major version or the E major one. What matters is the correct progression of the harmony line of the song.

  1. @Deep,It’s the difference of scale only. Given chords are no wrong.Just the transpositions.Thanks for your comment.

  2. Mr deep u should learn guitar first than comment ok .. u have no idea about scale.. so shut up. any one can sing in his or her style/scale. so how can u say that it is “perfectly wrong”. the chords are almost correct

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