Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Ogo Nirupama by Kishore Kumar

Song : Oh Go Nirupama
Artist : Kishore Kumar
Album : Bengali Modern songs
Guitar Scale : E minor

Guitar Chords:
(Em)O go (C)nirupama korio kh(G)oma

tomake amar (D)gharani korite

(C)amar moner (D)dosor korite (C)parilam na

(Em)parilam na to (D)kichutei

o go nirupama…



(Em)Hoyto tomar onek kichui (D)ache

tobu (Em)nei dam tar konoi amar (C)kache

(Em)amar e poth tomar pother s(C)athe

(D)milbena jeno kichu(C)tei

(Em)milbena jeno (D)kichutei

o go nirupama

verse-3 same as v-2

Latar motoi joriye royecho gache
bojhi ful futbar somoy eseche kache
emon modhur bhongima ami konodin
bhulbona jeno kichutei
bhulbona jeno kichutei
o go nirupama

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