Guitar Chords & Lyrics: Prem Amar from Prem Amar

Song: Prem Amar
Singers: Kunal Ganjawala & June
Movie: Prem Amar
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Guitar Scale: Em
Guitar Chords:
Em                                       D
dhiki dhiki jala buker majhe e premer fagune
Em                                       D
gole jay mon momer mato hridoyer agune
C                                          D          G
mone jantrona nei santona tobu asha ki thame
C                                                 D        G
kichu swapno je pelo rong khuje aaj tomari name
Em           D            C    Em
prem amar o prem amar
Em           D           Em
prem amar o prem amar

Em                 C
e agun dilo je choa
D                        Em
pore mon othena dhoya
C                                     D             G
nil andhokar prem bare bar ei buke dheu tole
C                                                     D            G
badh bhanga sukh laje ranga mukh dole swapneri kone

prem amar o  prem amar

(same as V-2)
duchokhe premeri nesha

khoje aaj soriri bhasa

sab chupkatha hoy rupkatha chand meghe je dhake

mon rong makhe swapno anke bhalobasari dage

prem amar o prem amar

Though I am not that fond of this sort of love songs, feel an urge to upload the guitar chords for the same just because one of my readers requested to give the guitar chord progressions for this song. Pls do drop your comments.

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Hi, This is Chandan, the man behind UniqueChords.Com. I am kind of a compulsive music thinker & a hard core guitar lover. Love to share guitar chords of songs I personally love singing and songs that are requested by users. Thanks for coming here. Play guitar & Enjoy.

20 Replies to “Guitar Chords & Lyrics: Prem Amar from Prem Amar”

    Look, Chords are no way wrong. It’s just the transpositions of your recommended Em..D chords.
    Just the Scale is different.

  2. Subhasis, I think it depends on one’s individual capacity and sense of music. Generally it should take 2-3 years to play like a good lead guitarist. It may take longer for others or may be shorter for some. My only suggestion is that just keep it playing.

  3. I’m in a learning phase though I feel easy to play the chord and chandan thnks for all ur effort…..may god bless you……

    1. This Song is in 4/4 time. The pattern is a 16 bit pattern. |1(D) e &(D) a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) & a(U) 4(D) e(U) &(D) a(U)|
      Pattern could be slightly changed if you want.

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