Guitar chords & Lyrics : Saiyaan from Bor Asbe Ekhuni

Song : Saiyaan
Singer :Soham
Movie: Bor Asbe Ekhuni
Guitar Scale:E

Guitar Chords & Lyrics of Saiyaan by Soham:

E                                                      B
tomake na lekha chithita dak baksher ek kone
E                                                     B
sada khamer na lekha nam enkeche tar gaane
E                   F#m             A  B
sei chithi jato lekha thake eka eka
E                       F#m         A  B
sei gaane na sona sur eka eka anka
E                   A      B
chue jay tobu kakhono se
E                    B
jodi boli se sobi tomari
E                       A
eka chithi eka anka gaan
B          A         E
saiyaan saiyaan saiyaan

(same as above)

ami amate bhasini konodino nile

tumi tomar duchokhe sei neel chule

ajo amar sarata din thake eka eka

sei chithi na pora sur eka eka anka

chue jay…

jodi boli se sobi tomari

duchokhe bhesde jaoa nil amar

saiyaan saiyaan saiyaan

( Earlier I played it with C, but the singer himself (Soham) let me know in the comments that the original scale is E major, I changed it accordingly.) Thanks Soham for everything. Keep singing like this. We are with you.

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