Khamoshiyan Chords With Strumming Pattern

Song: Khamoshiyan
Film: Khamoshiyan
Composer : Jeet Ganguly
Singer: Arijit Singh
Key: Dm

Time signature: 6/8

Rhythm Pattern: |1(D) 2(D) 3 (D)&(U) 4(D) 5(D) 6(D)&(U) |

You may completely skip beat 3 and 6. Make 2nd and 5th beat stronger.


Guitar Chords for Khamoshiyan with strum Pattern

|Dm | F| Am| Gm|

|Dm | F| Am| Gm|

Kha(Dm)moshiyan aa(F)waaz hain
tum (Am)sunne toh aao ka(Gm)bhi

chhu(Dm)kar tumhe khill (F)jayengi
ghar (Am)inko bulaao ka(Gm)bhi

|Bb | %| C | A| %|
(Bb)bekarar hain baat karne ko
(C)kehne do inko za(A)raa

|Bb| % | C| F Am|
Khamoshi(Bb)yann aaa teri me(C)ri khamoshi(F)yan
khamoshi(Bb)yann aaa lipti hu(C)ii khamoshi(F)yan (Am)aa

|Dm | Bb| Gm| %|

|C| % | F| Am|
(Dm)Kya uss gali mein ka(Bb)bhi tera jaana hu(Gm)aa
ja(C)haan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hu(F)aa (Am)

(Dm)Mera samay toh wa(Bb)hin pe hai thehra hu(Gm)aa
ba(C)taaun tumhe kya mere sath kya kya hu(F)aa (Am)

Fabulous singing of Arijit Singh gives this song an extra edge indeed. Hop you would enjoy playing the chords.

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