Manabboma Fossils Unplugged Accurate Chords

Song: Manabboma Unplugged

Singer: Rupam Islam /Fosssils

Key: A


(A)Tomay bhalobasbo b(E)ole dekhte cha(D)ina aar to(A)may

tumi bo(F#m)ye jete (B)paro bechhe ne(D)ya nordo(A)may

(A)Santo korte chaina ka(E)nna kono mi(D)tthe santo(A)nay

chhino(F#m)bhinno hote (B)paro amar (D)e manab(A)bomay

ulto (C)srote bhaste h(A)ol(B)e (C)gotibeg bare (A)kannar(B)   A B C

(C)kauke bhalo baste h(A)ol(B)e tumi (C)gaan geyo a(E)mar

(A)santre par khojo sa(E)gorer jodi (D)beche thakte ch(A)ao

(A)kauke bhalo baste (F#m)hol(B)e tomar ha(D7)tta dhuye n(A)ao


Rest of the song follows the same chord progression

pathiyo na ar subhechha na dakha korona

kon bharshate tomay bolbo attohotta korona

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