Bekheyali Mone Guitar Chords

There has been a lot of confusion for some of the beginner guitar players while playing this extraordinarily romantic and sweet composition Bekheyali Mone from Savvy Gupta. Shadaab Hasmi has done total justice to this song by his catchy voice. Read more

Ami Sudhu Ceyechhi Tomay Guitar Chords

Song: Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Key: Bm Chording Done by Biswanath Banerjee (Bm)Talmatal, monta kichu to(A)may bolte chay (Bm)Besamal, vabnagulo to(A)may chunte chay Ami sudhu (G)cheyechhi (A)tomay Ami sudhu (G)cheyechhi (Bm)tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay (Bm)Na Read more

Nodi Bhora Dheu Guitar Chords

Song : Nodi bhara dheu Key: Fm (Fm)nodi vora (G#)dheu bojho nato (Fm)keu (C#)keno mich(G#)he tori ba(C#)o bao b(Fm)ao re (Fm)bharosa k(C#)ori e(G#)i bhaubo ka(Em)ndari (C#)halti (G#)dhoriye d(C#)ao dao d(Fm)ao re (Fm)baite (C#)janona (C#7th)keno dhauro (Fm)hal mon (C#)majhita tor (G#)holo Read more