Aye Khuda Chords From Paathshaala

Song : Aye Khuda
Film : Paathshaala
Music : Hanif Sheikh
Singer : Salim Merchant
Key : A

Its A Beautiful Song For Guitar Lovers. Enjoy The Song …….

Chords For Aye Khuda From Paathshaala

(A)Aye khuda mujh(E)ko bataa
tu (D)rehta kahan kya (E)tera pataa
(A)Hum to yahan pe (E)musafir hain
jo (D)doondhe apni man(E)zil ka pataa(A)a

Aye khuda mujhko bataa …


(A)Yaada teri yaada (E)aati hai
(A)jaan meri jaan ja(E)ati hai
(A)Tanhaion mein r(E)ehta hoon
(A)khud se hi aksar ye k(E)ehta hoon
Kyun tune (A)dil toda, kyun tune yun choda
Kyun tera abh bhi rahe dil ko (D)inteza(E)ar
Kyun chali (A)aati hai, kyun tadpaati hai
Kyun hoon abh bhi main y(D)un beka(E)raar

Aye khuda mujhko bataa …..

(A)Faasle hain magar phir bhi (Bm)tu (E)door (A)nahin
(A)Maanke hum to hai, par (Bm)tu maj(E)boor (A)nahin

( Same as Yaada teri yaada )…
Har lamha mujhko ye tadpati hai …

Aye khuda mujhko bataa …

2 Comments on “Aye Khuda Chords From Paathshaala”

  • Vrajesh Gajjar


    Would you teach me how to find scale and chords of any song?

  • Lakshya


    Very nice song and the accurate chords are:- 1) A major 2) C#minor 3) E major 4) D major

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