Bekheyali Mone Guitar Chords

There has been a lot of confusion for some of the beginner guitar players while playing this extraordinarily romantic and sweet composition Bekheyali Mone from Savvy Gupta. Shadaab Hasmi has done total justice to this song by his catchy voice. Some of the Uniquechords readers have requested the chords for this song. So here it is.

Singer: Shadaab Hashmi
Music: Savvy Gupta
Lyrics: Savvy & Riddhi
Starring: Ankush Hazra & Mahiya Mahi
Music Label: Eskay Movies

bekheyali mone




Guitar Key: Am

Time : 4/4

Rhythm Pattern : It’s a 16th note pattern.

|1(D) e & a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) & a(U) 4(D) e & a |

Intro Support chords

Am G F G

Song Starts

|Am | G E|

|Am | G E|

|Am | G E|

|Am | G E|

Bekheyali mone, bhebechi gopone
Bekheyali mone, bhijechi dujone
Bekheyali mone, bhebechi gopone
Bekheyali mone, bhijechi dujone

|F G| |Am9 Am|

|G   | E7  |

Aadorer chadore, nebo toke mure
Brishti chash? baro maash?
Bhiji aye!

|Am G|FG|

Am G| F G|


|C| %| G| E7|

|C| %| G| E7|

Aalor oi deshe shat rong meshe
shei ronge toke rangabo
Ratri goriye buke joriye
Tor bhorer ei ghum bhangabo


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