Bishonno Batas Guitar Chords by Silajit

Song : Bishonno Batas

Singer : Shilajeet

Key: F


Strum Pattern- Go with simple quarter note pattern. Make 3rd beat strong and skip the 4th beat.

|1(d) 2 (d) 3 (d) 4|

If you are not a hard core Shilajeet fan, chances are you have not yet heard this song. But the composition and singing is awesome, trust me. You may use a capo on the first fret for easy playing. This song reminds me of Khoai (Shantiniketan). This is the first post in 2016. So consider this as a new year gift from UniqueChords


(F)Bisonno ghasful elomelo baul ba(D#)tas
(F)Jamitik chenamukhe compass e brishtike (D#)chas
(Bb)Khoyai pother banke hente jay nagar (F)baul
(D#)Mrito jhinuker prem (C)mohua gachher fanke (F)adhphota phool

(F)Sauntali bodhuar sore jawa buker anchol
Boisakhi meghe makha neshtur dhamsa(Bb) madol
(D#)Jongla nodir banke jotsnay bhije jawa hat
(Bb)Sutham buker majhe bhenge chure jay prio (F)raat

(Bb)Khide khay jotsnake ganbadhe nagar b(F)aul
(D#)Nagorik dhulo dhoya
(C)dushon kolaj buke j(F)age ghasful


Monbhasi asman mukchora megher ador
Alpothe dhulo bheja neshtur buker pathor
Bonno abesh chokhe chupkatha andhokare
Himel jharna jhrore rimjhim rup sawone

Khide khay jotsnake gaan bandhe nagar baul..

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3 Comments on “Bishonno Batas Guitar Chords by Silajit”

  • Uddipta Bhatia


    One of my favorite Bengali modern songs. Will try this. Thanks.

    • CD


      Hi Uddipta,
      We are like minded.Thanks for your comment.



    I want to listen this song can you help me??

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