Song : Mohakash Album: Fossils 4 Singer: Rupam Islam Key: F# Chords for Mohakash is a way of saying belated happy new year (2014) to Uniquechords lovers and fans. I chorded this song just after the release but it is a bit of difficult to come up with an extra effort to publish it online.

Guitar chords : Khoro amar Fossil from Fossils 4 Scale : G#m Singer: Rupam Islam (G#m)Bhese jachchhi ebong(E) G#mbhije jachchhi abar(E) Ak apur(G#m)ba asombho(F#)be Shono tumi ki amar haube baulo tu(E)mi ki amar shono t(F#)umi ki amar haube ajo tu(E)mi ki amar Fire eso sahosini authoba dube jao e abeger mahotsobe Shono tumi ki amar

Song : Apodartho Janmo Amar Singer : Rupam Islam Album : Apodartho (Meaning- Worthless) Band :Fossils (Rock Music Band) Music : Rupam Key : A   Guitar Chords lyrics- Apodartho Janmo Amar by Fossils: A Opodartho jonmo amar E Opodartho kormo amar A Amar opodartho ta ke E Mahatto bhebo na D                      A Bhabo onno karo kotha

Song: Komlo Megheder Ojon Singer: Rupam Islam Lead singer of rock music band Fossils Album: Neel Rong Chilo Bhison Priyo Music:Rupam Guitar Scale :A#m Guitar Chords: A#m                          F#                        C# komlo megheder ojon bristi bole proyojon take  F            C# je khoje amake A#m                          F#                           C# komlo megheder ojon bristi bole proyojon take  F

Song : Phire Chaulo Album : Fossils 3/F3, A Rock Music Band from Bengal. Artist/Music : Rupam Islam  Guitar scale: Bm.  Guitar Chords: Bm                        Em         G               F# ami bhijechi sohorer sondhay pcychedelic aloy

Song : Kano Korle Erokom Artist : Rupam Islam Band : Fossils Album : Fossils 2 Composer: Rupam Key : E minor Guitar Chords: Prelude. Then Em CM7 Amadd11 Em Em G7 Amadd11 Em Em                         G7 bhorer batase jato snigdhota ache Amadd11                      Em bandhak rekhe chilam premer kache Em                         G7 roder adore jato tibrata
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