Songs : porle Mone TomakeArtist : Jeet GangulyMovie : AwaraMusic : Jeet Ganguly & Dev SenGuitar Scale : Am  This song has been chorded by Arindam Sengupta (Argha). To friend him or to know about him (If you care at all) please follow the link Amporle mone tomakeGaar k amk rakheF Epaglami bole thake lokjone…………….Amtauto

Song: Khujechi Toke Raat Berate Film: Josh Music: Jeet Ganguly Singer : Jeet Ganguly Scale : Am Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Khujechi Toke Raat Berate Am                                               G khujechi toke raat Berate Joleni alo SwapneAm                                        

Song : Keu Elo Mone Mone Singers : Dibyendu and Monali Thakur Movie : Balona Tumi Amar Music Director : Jeet Ganguly Starring : Dev, Koel Guitar Scale :C Guitar Chords & Lyrics: Ckeu elo mone mone kachakachiCkeu bole kanekane ami achi G#                   A#          G#     
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