Song: Bishakto Manush (Unplugged) Band: fossils Singer: Rupam Islam Key: Em Guitar Chords and Lyrics for Bishakto Manush Unplugged by fossils

Song Name: Ei to Ami Movie: Mahanagar@kolkata Singer: Rupam Islam Music: Rupam Islam Done by Agnivo INTRO: Starts with bustling nature sounds and plain notes played in distortion on Dmajor. (C)Tomar choke (G)brishti porche (D)rimjhim (C)Atonke tar (G)hoche amr har (D)him (C)Tomar reshmi (G)ghase buke (D)ghoste (C)Tercha hasi (G)futche amr (D)osthe (C)Nake mukhe (G)soda toker

Song: Manabboma Unplugged Singer: Rupam Islam /Fosssils Key: A Time-4/4 (A)Tomay bhalobasbo b(E)ole dekhte cha(D)ina aar to(A)may tumi bo(F#m)ye jete (B)paro bechhe ne(D)ya nordo(A)may (A)Santo korte chaina ka(E)nna kono mi(D)tthe santo(A)nay chhino(F#m)bhinno hote (B)paro amar (D)e manab(A)bomay ulto (C)srote bhaste h(A)ol(B)e (C)gotibeg bare (A)kannar(B)   A B C (C)kauke bhalo baste h(A)ol(B)e tumi (C)gaan geyo a(E)mar

Song: Shaone Ba Bhadore Singer: Rupam Islam Key: F# Time Signature:4/4 Rhythm Pattern: it’s a sixteen beat pattern. (1(D) e & a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) & a(U) 4(D) e & a ). Only play the mentioned down and up beats. Skip other beats. You may play last 4 beats also. Guitar Chords

Guitar chords : Khoro amar Fossil from Fossils 4 Scale : G#m Singer: Rupam Islam (G#m)Bhese jachchhi ebong(E) G#mbhije jachchhi abar(E) Ak apur(G#m)ba asombho(F#)be Shono tumi ki amar haube baulo tu(E)mi ki amar shono t(F#)umi ki amar haube ajo tu(E)mi ki amar Fire eso sahosini authoba dube jao e abeger mahotsobe Shono tumi ki amar

Song : Apodartho Janmo Amar Singer : Rupam Islam Album : Apodartho (Meaning- Worthless) Band :Fossils (Rock Music Band) Music : Rupam Key : A   Guitar Chords lyrics- Apodartho Janmo Amar by Fossils: A Opodartho jonmo amar E Opodartho kormo amar A Amar opodartho ta ke E Mahatto bhebo na D                      A Bhabo onno karo kotha

Song : Who am I Singer : Rupam Islam Album : Rupam on the rocks (ROTR) Music : Rupam Guitar Scale : Am Lyrics & Chords of Who am I by Rupam from ROTR Am                                        

Song: Lal Golap / Laal Golaap Singer : Rupam Islam Music Album : Na Hanyate ( It doesn’t die) Composer : Rupam Islam Key : D Mixolydian Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Lal Golap by Rupam from Na Hanyate D7                             A 7            C                          G mone pore kichu

Song: Komlo Megheder Ojon Singer: Rupam Islam Lead singer of rock music band Fossils Album: Neel Rong Chilo Bhison Priyo Music:Rupam Guitar Scale :A#m Guitar Chords: A#m                          F#                        C# komlo megheder ojon bristi bole proyojon take  F            C# je khoje amake A#m                          F#                           C# komlo megheder ojon bristi bole proyojon take  F

Song : Cross The line (An Exclusive rock music track) Singer: Rupam Islam (Lead singer of rock music band Fossils) Movie: Chalo Let’s Go Music: Anjan Dutta Guitar Scale: D Guitar Chords: D come cross the line                G moner choukath                

Song: Kishori Singer: Rupam Islam(Lead singer of Rock Music Band Fossils) Music: Rupam Guitar Scale: CWhile strumming in (d  d u d u) style, hit only first string (guitar) during the third up stroke. Guitar Chords: C              Gkishori tor chokher jole  F                  C sagar keno katha bole re          E                 Amo mon bandhis keno

I personally think this very song of F3 is the best of this music album. First time i listened to it, i just couldn’t afford to stop listening to the song. Song : Bhoot aar Tilottoma Singer : Rupam Islam (Acoustic guitar lover) Album : Fossils 3 Band : Fossils ( A rock music band

Song : Phire Chaulo Album : Fossils 3/F3, A Rock Music Band from Bengal. Artist/Music : Rupam Islam  Guitar scale: Bm.  Guitar Chords: Bm                        Em         G               F# ami bhijechi sohorer sondhay pcychedelic aloy

Song : Tobu Dur Akashe Artist : Rupam Islam (Rock Music Band Fossils) Time Signature- 4/4 Rhythm Pattern: |1(D) 2 3 (D) 4 | 1(D) 2 (D) 3 (D) 4| Music Album : Nil Rong Chilo Bhison Priyo Guitar Scale : Gm Guitar Chords: (Gm)tobu dur akashe ch(F)and hase tobu ful fote tar (D#)subashe mon

Song : Kano Korle Erokom Artist : Rupam Islam Band : Fossils Album : Fossils 2 Composer: Rupam Key : E minor Guitar Chords: Prelude. Then Em CM7 Amadd11 Em Em G7 Amadd11 Em Em                         G7 bhorer batase jato snigdhota ache Amadd11                      Em bandhak rekhe chilam premer kache Em                         G7 roder adore jato tibrata
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