Song : Tomar Choyate Singer : Shilajeet Music Album : X=2prem Guitar Scale : D Guitar Chords: D Tomar choyate prasnto sagore                           G elomelo hote pare dheu D tomake kache pete hothat majh rate                           G tarader chute chay keu tomar sango pete ora A khunje more mithey tulana G swapna swapna feri miche

Song : Janina E Poth Singer : Shilajeet Majumdar Music : Shilajeet Album : X=2prem Guitar Scale : C Guitar Chords: C                                     Dm Janina e poth kobe holo thik suru                                          F janina e poth kobe hobe thik sesh                                      G# janina kobe je furobe bechakena G                                          C janina kobe je furobe swapono resh C
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