Chords for Amay prosno kore by Hemanta Mukherjee

Song : Amay Prosno kore
Singer : Hemanta Mukherjee
Music Album : Nil Akasher Niche
Guitar scale : D#

Guitar Chords:
D#                           Cm           D#
Amay prosno kore nil dhruba tara
G#                    A#
ar kotokaal ami robo dishahara

robo dishahara

D#                     G#
jobab kichui tar dite pari nai sudhu
Cm                            A#          F
poth khuje kete gelo e jibon sara

e jibon sara
kara jeno bhalobese alo jelechilo
surjer alo tai nibhe giyechilo
nijer chayar piche ghure ghure mori miche
ami jeno tusharito protihimo dhara
protihimo dhara

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