Guitar Chords for Bajlo Chutir Ghanta by Shilajit

Song: Bajlo Chutir Ghanta
Artist: Shilajeet
Music Album : X=Prem (Love Songs)
Music : Shilajeet
Guitar Scale : D

Guitar Chords :
D                   C                D
ololo lomama tala la matini mamaia mite
Bajlo chutir ghonta
C                D
bajlo chutir ghonta
                 C                            D
he he mon bhese bhese ure jay niruddeshe
                C                           D
he he mon niruddeshe ure jay bhese bheshe
G                          C                  D
badole madal baje tadhin dhinta dhinta
                                    C                D
oh….kemon kore monta
D             C
tal supari khejur sari
D                    C
dhaner khet ar matir bari
amer mukul simul tulo kolke phul ar ranga dhulo
utol kore
utol kore monta
           C            D
ho…….jole amar pranta
D                C
Agun ranga krishnachuray mon rangiye
D                    C                           D
ghar phera ek pakhir jhanke jay hariye
             C                        D
chutir mejaje chuti duhat bariye chuti chuti
G                               C               D
jay hariye sob chariye nei re kono chinta
bajlo chutir ghanta

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  • Rohan D


    It’s very easy to get touch by your nots ,Thnx alott

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