Guitar Chords for Barood / Barud by Prithibi

Song : Barood
Singer : Koushik
Band : Prithibi
A Rock Music Band of Bengal
Guitar Scale: D Minor
Guitar Chords:

Dm              Bb                        C
ami barood bunechi amar hridoye alinde
Dm               Bb                                  C
amar ostitta biponna protiniyoto churir aghate
Dm                       Bb              C         Dm
amar mayer sorir purche bhai las kata ghare
Dm                     Bb          C               Dm
amar boner kochi gal aaj bajare nilam dare
C         G               Bb          Dm
kiser jantrona ami soichi sarakhon
C                 G              Bb           A
las charano shuorer mauto beiman prajonon
Dm                                        C         Dm
amar siray siray rokter michil sansay ei prane
Dm                                         C                A
jato nirbochan ar bhagare jato ki sansayer o agune
C                    Bb        C
eso amra gori notun prithibi
F                   C                     Bb              C                                         
sei asay jekhane manush  banche chay bandhte chay

C                        Bb                       C               F
dhongso hok jato manab sotru sob sabhbhotar ei name
C             Dm  C  Dm
janmo nik nabojatok.. 

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8 Comments on “Guitar Chords for Barood / Barud by Prithibi”

  • Prasenjit


    can any one pls post the o amar chords by prithibi

  • chandan


    I will post that asap. Keep in touch.

  • Anonymous


    Good Job! 🙂
    Aro bhalo hobe jodi apni beginner der jonye strumming pattern tao post koren…


  • Dev Banerjee


    The original song starts from Dm

  • Tithi


    can any one post the full lyrics of opekkha plz?

    • Chandan


      Prithibir website/blog e peye jabe.

  • Tuhin


    Plz post chords of classroom of chapter 3

    • CD


      Let the album be released first

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