Guitar Chords for Tobu dur akashe by Rupam

Song : Tobu Dur Akashe
Artist : Rupam Islam (Rock Music Band Fossils)
Time Signature- 4/4
Rhythm Pattern: |1(D) 2 3 (D) 4 | 1(D) 2 (D) 3 (D) 4|

Music Album : Nil Rong Chilo Bhison Priyo
Guitar Scale : Gm

Guitar Chords:

(Gm)tobu dur akashe ch(F)and hase tobu ful fote tar (D#)subashe
mon hoye uchhal (D)pete chay tomake sudhu (Gm)tomake

joubon ase thake chole jay katha ektai sudhu bole jay
bhalobasa samoyke harabei pele tomake sudhu tomake

(Awesome interlude)
akdin tumi esechile, akdin bhalobesechile

(F)bhalobesechile hesechile(D) tarpor ki holo ta (Gm)janina

pordin dekhi bhalobasa nei
tomar se jaoa aar asa nei
tarpor theke sudhu swapne
dekhi tomake bastobe naa
na na na na na na na…..
There is a fabulous use of scale change in this song. Just go one half step/semitone higher  i.e start from G#m and sing the whole song again.

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