Guitar Chords & Lyrics : Ekhon Onek Raat by LRB Ayub Bachhu

Song : Ekhon Onek Raat
Singer :Ayub Bachhu
An artist having international calibre.
Music Band : LRB
(Love Runs Blind)
A Music Band from Bangladesh
Guitar Scaler : F#m

Guitar Chords:
F#m     Bm    F#m
ekhon onek raat
A      Bm     E
khola akasher niche
A       Bm     E
jiboner anek ayojon
F#m      E
amai dekeche
F#m        E
tai ami bose achi
durjar oipashe

F#m                               Bm
Abegei Emon Raate Bhul Kore E Pothe
A                       C#
eshe jodi fire jay amai na Peye
F#m          E
tai ami bose achi
daurjar oipashe

V-3 (same as V-2)

chole jaoa se  pothe jiri jiri batashe

amar ei mon Kande tomai na peye

tai ami bose achi

daurjar oipashe

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5 Comments on “Guitar Chords & Lyrics : Ekhon Onek Raat by LRB Ayub Bachhu”

  • Rezowan


    Have you lead of this song?

  • chandan


    @Rezowan, sorry man. I don’t have it. Not getting enough time to make it though..

  • Anonymous


    no problem,man…
    its well enough 🙂

  • metal pagla guitarist


    start frat 8.stings no2.
    G A A#. A# A# C A# A. A# C D. C A# A. A A G A A# A G A. A A G A A# A G A. A A G A A# C D E F E D C G. G MIR A F#. G A A MIR C. G. then very hard n very esy look them.
    press stings 1 2 and 3 on 3rd finger on 10th frat n 1 down stork n then look . stings no1. D C D D# D C D with tabing n do it 3time. n must be u flow him original lrb song. u cannot undrstnd???????????? this? contact me
    http://www.unseeniam@yahoo.com then i will give u frat n0 of full lead

  • Anonymous


    Original song is in A Major

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