Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Bolchi tomar kane kane by Lata Mangeshkar

Song : Bolchi Tomar Kane Kane
Artist : Lata Mangeshkar/Bapi Lahiri
Movie :  Amar Tumi
Guitar Scale : F major

Guitar Chords:

bolchi tom(Dm)ar kane ka(F)ne

amar tu(F)mi

bolchi am(Dm)ar gaane gaa(F)ne

amar tu(F)mi

ajke amar pran pey(Bb)eche o(C)nek notun bha(F)sha

anek diner swapna(Bb) je(C) onek notun as(F)ha


tomay peye hoy je mone

ar jonom(Gm)eo sathi (Bb)chilam

amra dujan moner sukhe

onek jonom ghure(F) elam

chirodini (F)thakbe aki

amader ei bhalob(F)asa
Same as v-2
tumi amar onek apon mene niyeo bole e mon
houna tumi aro kacher
houna tumi aro apon
ek sagare milbo bole
tomar amar srote bhasa

bolchi tomar kane kane
amar tumi

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6 Comments on “Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Bolchi tomar kane kane by Lata Mangeshkar”

  • Anonymous


    Thank you for lyrics, beautiful song!!!!!

  • Biswajit


    This is great, but I think will sound sweeter if we shift it half a step higher.

  • Kishor Kere


    nice songs…

  • rango


    chords r not appropiate………………..

    • CD


      Could you please enlighten us with the appropriate chords for this song? I don’t have any issues with the chords whatsoever. Make sure you are singing correctly.

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