Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Janina e poth by Shilajit /Shilajeet

Song : Janina E Poth
Singer : Shilajeet Majumdar
Music : Shilajeet
Album : X=2prem
Guitar Scale : C

Guitar Chords:
C                                     Dm
Janina e poth kobe holo thik suru
janina e poth kobe hobe thik sesh
janina kobe je furobe bechakena
G                                          C
janina kobe je furobe swapono resh
sudhu jani ami jani
tumi chile tai sobi chilo
elomelo tobuo to kete gelo dingulo
Dm               F
e jibon pothchola kandh chue chue
Dm                            F
periechi koto samoy asamoy phele
E                                 C
poth chola tobu hoyna to purono
C                                    Dm
janona simana perote parbe kina
ar simana periye jabei ba kothay
dariye royecho mrittur kachakachi
G                             C
aj ba kaal nitei hobe biday
janina simana perote parbo kina
ar simana periye jaboi ba kothay
darire royechi mrittur mukhomukhi
aj ba kaal nitei hobe biday
sudhu jani ami jani
tumi chile tai ajo achhi
beporoa e jibone khelechi je kanamachi
e jibon pothchola……….

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3 Comments on “Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Janina e poth by Shilajit /Shilajeet”

  • Rajeen


    one of the best song i have ever heard

  • Sukhendu biswas


    Janina e path. This song my favorite. Please download allow

    • CD


      Hi Sukhendu,
      Good to know that it is your favorite song. But this site is not for song download. Please look elsewhere. Thanks.

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