Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Kaal sara raat akash kapal by Shilajit

Song: Kaal Sara Raat
Singer: Shilajeet 
Music Album: Thik Ekhoni
Guitar Scale:D
Guitar Chords:
Kaal shara raat
akash kapal
chand tate tip
ratri tumi

(same as v-1)

raat chupchap

tip tup tap

sisire tara

sorir mesay

(same as v-1)

tup tap tip

chokh jeno chhip

gethechhi tara

sajabo tomay
D                     E
sakal to otosoto janena
      G                 D
se esechilo khujte amay
D                        E
bhangeni ghum alto dake
      G                 D
se esechilo choleo geche

(same as verse-1)

chandni chumoy

petechile fand

petechi du thot

meshar neshay

(same as v-1)

bhenge gelo ghum

bhenge gelo bandh

chumute chumuk

trishna metai

(same as v-1)

jyotsnay ban

subatase snan

bhijle sorir

ke aglay

sakal to otosoto janena…

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