Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Mohuay Jomeche Aaj Mou Go by Asha Bhosle

Song : Mohuay Jomeche Aaj Mou Go
Artist : Asha Bhosle
Film : Mohonar Dike
Music : R.D.Barman
Guitar Scale : B
Guitar Chords:

(B)mohuay jomeche aaj mou go
o mohuay jomeche aaj mou go
(A)o kone dekha meghe je oi
sona rong legeche oi
palkite choleche kar(B) bou go
o o o o o
mohuay jomeche aaj mou go
B            A   B  A
janina to e ki amar aaj holo
din aar (B)na gune palasher agune
lage rong fagune  (A)o o o o
(A)tomake dekhe je aaj
chokhe chokhe rekhe je aaj
moner moyur nache(B) chou go
(same as above verse)
janina to ki je amar aaj holo
kato surbahare bhore mon ahare
dake peu kahan re
keno khusi janena keu
prane aaj lage je dheu
holo mon moyurponkhi nouko
mohuay jomeche…

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4 Comments on “Guitar Chords & Lyrics for Mohuay Jomeche Aaj Mou Go by Asha Bhosle”

  • Shohag


    super song

  • ritika sen


    love it

  • Anup


    Hi Chandan,

    Great post.Can you please provide the Strumming pattern for these beautiful songs.


    • CD


      Thanks Anup. This song follows a 3/4 time signature. Pattern |D D – | or |1 2 – |. make the 2nd beat strong by putting accent. You may also play the pattern |1 2& 3& | Thanks for your kind words.

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