Guitar Chords& Lyrics for Sajani by Shilajit

Song : Sajani
Singer : Shilajeet
Music Album : X=Prem
Guitar Scale : C

Guitar Chords:

(C)Buke amar baruder basa  (Dm)sajani

(F)spinal chord din ratrir (C)solte
(C)bisforoner bhoy niye tai (Dm)parini
(G)tomar songe paye paye poth (C)cholte
Same as above
mathay amar chilona to sada pataka
pajore amar payra chilona bondi
bichana balish asanti makhamakhi tai
milon holona holona to kono sondhi
sorire amar tikhna saner fole
dite hole sudhu diye jete hoto dhar
chamra amar kamre dhorle dajani
modhu noy sudhu chuse khete hoto khar
jhalapala pran lava jhore chokh diye
mangse amar dhansa dhansa kosh
chokhe chokh ami rakhte parini bhoye
karon khoti hole hoto volcanori dosh

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2 Comments on “Guitar Chords& Lyrics for Sajani by Shilajit”

  • Ritaban Guha


    Silu Da is a genius.. His Lyrics, His Singing, His arrangements are unique as always.. have been looking for chords of his songs for a very long time.. really nice job Chandan… am looking for a few other chords like Urte Cheyechhilam, Dhorbo Dhorbo Korchhi, Ei Nirala Dupur, Fisfis, Pagol.. Thnx in advance..

    • CD


      Thanks Ritaban. Sure, i would try to come up with the chords.

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