Guitar Chords & Lyrics of Who am I by Rupam Islam from ROTR

Song : Who am I
Singer : Rupam Islam
Album : Rupam on the rocks (ROTR)
Music : Rupam
Guitar Scale : Am

Lyrics & Chords of Who am I by Rupam from ROTR

Am                                            F

chitar tobu agun chilo amar ache chai
 C                                    Em
porar kono upay nei sudhui gorjai

Am                                               F

path bhrosto groho tarokar noshto e roshnai
C                                                Em
ghorar upay phello gile amar pakkhotai
who am i?

G                 Am

who am i? who am i?

Am                                                F

nijer deher chine jnok tobu chine otha duthnai
   C                                             Em
jonmo mrityu divorce er jonno kara dai

Am                                F

aynar kathgoray rojje asami dekhte pai
  C                                               Em
khujchi setha sponsor ar khujchi atotai

who am i?

Am     C                         Am

oh lagamhin akash batash chilo

C                               G

ulkite anka amar kalpona
takhan thik sojjo kore nitam

Dm                          Am

mukh buje chucher jontrona

nijeke nije khochano chilo

ki chay ei sorirer uttap

sensorboard kanchi kore dilo

jounota dhue muchu saf

jatoi amar neoar chilo churanto badlai

bisforoker misfire bhije deshlai

hritspondoner chinchkrondone detect holo lie

mithey amar flatbari ami porijai

who am i?

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5 Comments on “Guitar Chords & Lyrics of Who am I by Rupam Islam from ROTR”

  • sampad halder


    I love this web site… Tobe gaan gulo puro chords thakle sudhu ei web site ta chara r kau k dorkar porto na.. 🙂 puro gaan er chords thakle khub valo hoto.. Nice job

    • CD


      Hi Sampad, puro chords to deya achhe..Same chord progression for other part of the songs for which i have not placed the chords. Placement of chords gets a bit misplaced due to formatting also. Ektu bujhe nite haube. Thanks.

  • Abir


    I think original scale is Bm

    • CD


      Hi Abir,
      This song was first released in ROTR, Rupam On the Rocks. Later the song is used in a Movie. Chances are the ROTR version is in Am. In the movie scale is changed to Bm as you have pointed out. Thanks for dropping your comment.

  • Ayon Samajder


    Very nice website. Well done.

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