Ke tui Bol Herogiri Chords

Song: Ke Tui Bol

Singer: Arijit Singh

Composer: Jeet Ganguly

Film: Herogiri

Key: Cm

Time : 4/4

Rhythm Pattern: It’s a sixteen beat pattern. |1(D) e (U)&(D) a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) &(D) a 4(D) e & a | You may just play the chords at the right time if you have a percussion instrument along with.

(Cm)Mon amar tor kinare
(A#)Haralo din-dahare
(G#)Se-to ar manche na re
(G)Ebar valo(Cm)bashte aye

Tor chayar songee hobo
DU haate prem kurobo
Amake chupti kore
MOner kotha bolte aye

(Cm)Ami jete pari, (A#)Heshei perote pari
(G#)Onek onek (A#)otol
Tor kotha othey, Amar kopale jote
Darun khushir dool

(A#)Ke Tui (Cm)BOL(A#) Ke Tui (Cm)BOL
Ke Tui (G)BOL(A#) Ke Tui BOL(Cm)

(Cm)Urte chawar ichhe hotei
(A#)Elam kache tor
Urte boshe tui takale
(G)Moneri (Cm)sohor
Ektu durei daakche jibon
Jachhi chole tai
Vabchi toke aankchi koto
Rongin bahanay

Jodi mone vabe, Amay songee kore
Megher muluke chol
Tor kotha othey Amar kopale jote
Darun khushir dool
Ke Tui BOL Ke Tui BOL
Ke Tui BOL Ke Tui BOL

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