Khoro Amar Fossils 4 Guitar Chords

Guitar chords : Khoro amar Fossil from Fossils 4

Scale : G#m

Singer: Rupam Islam

(G#m)Bhese jachchhi ebong(E)

G#mbhije jachchhi abar(E)

Ak apur(G#m)ba asombho(F#)be

Shono tumi ki amar haube

baulo tu(E)mi ki amar

shono t(F#)umi ki amar haube

ajo tu(E)mi ki amar

Fire eso sahosini

authoba dube jao

e abeger mahotsobe

Shono tumi ki amar haube

baulo tumi ki amar

shono tumi ki amar haube

ajo tumi ki amar || X2


(G#m)majhe majhe dekhi toke

otite phiri paul(F#)oke

ar notun kono sto(E)boke

bo(D#)ndi hoy se anubhab G#m

e andho hoye jetam jodi

kaulponar nijosso n(E)odi

Andhokar somudre mi(F#)she

jan(D#)ato ferata asombhob(G#m)

khoro amar fossil(E)

anub(G#m)hutir michhi(E)

protic(G#m)riasil kono biplob(F#)er

Shono tumi ki amar haube

baulo tumi ki amar

shono tumi ki amar haube

ajo tumi ki amar

Shono tumi ki amar haube

baulo tumi ki amar

shono tumi ki amar haube

ajo tumi ki (E)amar a (D#)a a a a a

jodi (C#m)e hridoy chh(F#)ute sanni(B)dhher bidy(E)ute

akb(C#m)ar jodi ho(F#)te banchar sesh so(B)mbhaboD#)na

hat(C#m)chhani dichhe j(F#)e apomr(B)ityue ichchhe j(E)e

torn is(C#m)thur drish(F#)ti te kakhonoki (D#)aswas pabona

tui se(C#m)sh bandhon am(F#)ar mrit(B)yur shomon am(E)ar

mri(C#m)tyur karon am(F#)ar rohosser (B)sama(D#)dhan

khoto bik(C#m)khoto shir(B)ate tui antopirate

preme (C#m)ar pratyak(F#)hane ajo tor


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12 Comments on “Khoro Amar Fossils 4 Guitar Chords”

  • Sayantan


    Great work… Thank you. but ota ‘Fire esho sahosini’ hobe na… ‘Teer e esho sahoshini’ hobe.
    But thanks again…

    Love your collection of Prithibi also. Simply love the band

    • CD


      Thanks Sayantan..

  • Ranjan Debnath


    Great job… was litle bit confusion on that,,, but now is clear to me,, thanks buddy…..

    • CD


      You are most welcome.

  • Arijit


    Gr8 work dude…. plz upload the others songs chords of fossils 4 … mainly hajar bichana, bandor

    • CD


      Okay i will. Thanks Arijit. Mahakash is already done

  • Gunjan


    Well done.. carry on 🙂

  • Argha


    Great job bro ,,,, just fantabulous awesome . But what is the perfect strumming pattern ?

    • CD


      Time signature is 4/4. Strumming pattern varies within the song. It starts with |1 2 3-| or |D D D – | That means skip the 4th quarter beat. Give accent to 3rd beat.

      From Majhe majhe dekhi toke, strumming pattern changes and follows a 16th note pattern.
      | 1(D) e &(D) a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) & a(U) 4(D) e(U) &(D) a(U) | That means if you write it in down up format, |D D D UUU DUDU|
      You can also use a simple |1 2 3 4 | or |DDDD| quarter note pattern if you want to simplify..

      Again when you sing khoro amar fossils, go back to first strumming pattern. Hope it helps.

      • Saugata


        Thank You so much

        it is working

  • Shubhro Banerjee


    Can you also please post the chords and arpeggio pattern of the intro of this song?

    • CD


      Chords are the same G#m, F# and E. Just use power chords and arpegiate.

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