Labon Ko Labon Pe Chords KK

Song: Labon Ko Labon Pe Sajaa
Film: Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Singer: KK
Composer: Pritam Chakraborty

Guitar Key: Am

Chords for Labon Ko Labon Pe Sajaa from Bhool Bhulaiyaa

(Am)Labon Ko Lab(G)on Pe Sajaa(F)o

(Am)Kya ho tum mu(G)jhe abb bata(F)

(E)Tod do khu(F)d ko tum

(G)baahon mein meri

baahon mein

(F)Baahon mein meri

ba(G)ahon mein


(Am)Tere ehsaason mein

bheege lamhaaton mein, mujhko duba

tishnagi (G)si hai

(Am)Teri adaayon se dilkash khataao se

in lamho mein zinda(G)gi si hai

(C)Haya ko jar(G)a bhool ja(F)ao

(C)meri hi ta(G)rah pesh a(F)ao

(E)Kho bhi do kh(F)u ko  tum,

(G)raaton mein meri

Labon ko ….

(Same as Tere ehsaason mein)
Tere jasbaaton mein, mehaki si saanso mein,
ye jo mehek sandili si hai
Dil ki panaaho mein, bikhari si aaho mein
sone ki khaaish jagi si hai
Chehare se chehara chupaao,
sine ki dhadkan sunaao
Dekh lo khud ko tum aankhon mein meri

Labon ko…

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  • Shubham Pathak


    Bro Something’ Wrong in This.

    • CD


      Okay. I will check it out. Where does it seem to be wrong bro?

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