lamha lamha doori chords From Gangster

Lamha Lamha Doori is a fabulous song from Hindi flick Gangster. As you all know this is sung by Abhijit. It’s a so called guitar song you can enjoy playing with your acoustic guitar.
Song: Lamha Lamha Doori
Singer: Abhijit
Film: Gangster
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Key: C
Chords & Lyrics For lamha lamha doori from Gangster

(C7)Lamha lamha duri yoon (F)pighalti hai
Jaane kis aag (G)mein yeh shabnam (C)jalti hai X2

Khwahishon ki shaam (G)dhalti hain X2
(F)Jaane kis aag (G)mein yeh shabnam (C)jalti hai

(C) (G) (F) (C)
La la la la la la …

(C)Teri aankhen dikhati (Am)hai
Hamein sapa(F)nen sitaaron (G)ke
Ho ho ho(F)
Tere hot(C)hon pe likha (Am)hai
Jo tum bo(F)le ishaaron (G)mein
Ho ho ho

Same as (Lamha lamha duri yoon )
Khwaabon ke karwaan mein raat chalti hai
Jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hain
La la la…
La la la…La la la…
Behakti shaam aayi hai
Tujhe lekar ke baahon mein
Tujhe chhu loon ke rakhu main
Chhupakar ke nigaahon mein ho
Sharmati ithlaati hai machalti hai
Jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hain

Ho lamha lamha doori…..

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