Mohakash From Fossils 4 – Guitar Chords

Song : Mohakash
Album: Fossils 4
Singer: Rupam Islam

Key: F#

Chords for Mohakash is a way of saying belated happy new year (2014) to Uniquechords lovers and fans. I chorded this song just after the release but it is a bit of difficult to come up with an extra effort to publish it online. Hope you guys and gals would enjoy playing this song.

(BM7)Akhon drishti oboruddho n(F#)oy
akh(BM7)on thanda mohajuddho no(F#)y

belagam prithibi ke dilam chh(BM7)uti a(F#)mi
shek(E)ole bed(B)he mohak(F#)ash ||X2

(BM7)akhon amar gotibeg jho(F#)rer dus(BM7)shapno
bhenge diyechi nir(F#)jhorer
baukeya jauto struggle chuk(BM7)iye am(F#)ar
ah(G#)ladi tam(B)adi aubok(F#)ash

shek(G#)ole bedh(B)echi moha(F#)kash


aaj daybharheen halka (G#)mon..B
okal kushmando din (F#)japon
aaj daibharhin halka mon
okal kushmando din japon

aj ch(E)hatar matha, matha-mundu-(B)heen proko(BM7)lper kn(F#)hoj
e-project bhul proje(G#)ction (B)er, durbeen bonam anu(F#)bikkhoner
(E)e-uponyash roj gnoje gnoja(B) mil, shuny(BM7)otar over(F#)dose

(A)tomake niye jete pa(C#)ri jodi h(B)ou aalor so(F#)wari
jodi (A)khojo notun bari aas(D)man-e
ami (E)bojhate pari aajgubir (A)maane

chailei tui amar songe (C#)jabi
shudhu (B)aktai aulikhito (F#)daabi
rekho (A)mohakasher chabi (D)gopone
cholo (E)amar songe amar free-(A)zone-e

The right voicing of the BM7 chord for this song is X2434X

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3 Comments on “Mohakash From Fossils 4 – Guitar Chords”

  • Kaustuv



  • Sidhyabrata


    hi, i think on the 4th line ,[ sheko(G#)le ] can be better fitted by [ sheko(E)le ].

    • Chandan


      You are right.Updated.

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