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Song : Chura liya hai tumne jo dilko Film: Yaadon Ki baarat Guitar Chords for Chura liya Hai Song starts with Esus4 chords and a prelude. Key: Am (Am)Chura liya hai tumne jo (G)dil ko, (Am)najar nahee churaana (E)sanam (Am)Badalke meree tum jinda(G)gaanee, (Am)kahee badal naa jaana (E)sanam Oh (E7)le liya (G)dil oh (E7)hai meraa

Song Name: Ei to Ami Movie: Mahanagar@kolkata Singer: Rupam Islam Music: Rupam Islam Done by Agnivo INTRO: Starts with bustling nature sounds and plain notes played in distortion on Dmajor. (C)Tomar choke (G)brishti porche (D)rimjhim (C)Atonke tar (G)hoche amr har (D)him (C)Tomar reshmi (G)ghase buke (D)ghoste (C)Tercha hasi (G)futche amr (D)osthe (C)Nake mukhe (G)soda toker

Song : Bishonno Batas Singer : Shilajeet Key: F Time-4/4 Strum Pattern- Go with simple quarter note pattern. Make 3rd beat strong and skip the 4th beat. |1(d) 2 (d) 3 (d) 4| If you are not a hard core Shilajeet fan, chances are you have not yet heard this song. But the composition and

Song: Manabboma Unplugged Singer: Rupam Islam /Fosssils Key: A Time-4/4 (A)Tomay bhalobasbo b(E)ole dekhte cha(D)ina aar to(A)may tumi bo(F#m)ye jete (B)paro bechhe ne(D)ya nordo(A)may (A)Santo korte chaina ka(E)nna kono mi(D)tthe santo(A)nay chhino(F#m)bhinno hote (B)paro amar (D)e manab(A)bomay ulto (C)srote bhaste h(A)ol(B)e (C)gotibeg bare (A)kannar(B)   A B C (C)kauke bhalo baste h(A)ol(B)e tumi (C)gaan geyo a(E)mar

Song: Ke Tui Bol Singer: Arijit Singh Composer: Jeet Ganguly Film: Herogiri Key: Cm Time : 4/4 Rhythm Pattern: It’s a sixteen beat pattern. |1(D) e (U)&(D) a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) &(D) a 4(D) e & a | You may just play the chords at the right time if you have a

Song: Shaone Ba Bhadore Singer: Rupam Islam Key: F# Time Signature:4/4 Rhythm Pattern: it’s a sixteen beat pattern. (1(D) e & a 2(D) e & a(U) 3 e(U) & a(U) 4(D) e & a ). Only play the mentioned down and up beats. Skip other beats. You may play last 4 beats also. Guitar Chords

Song: Khamoshiyan Film: Khamoshiyan Composer : Jeet Ganguly Singer: Arijit Singh Key: Dm Time signature: 6/8 Rhythm Pattern: |1(D) 2(D) 3 (D)&(U) 4(D) 5(D) 6(D)&(U) | You may completely skip beat 3 and 6. Make 2nd and 5th beat stronger. Guitar Chords for Khamoshiyan with strum Pattern |Dm | F| Am| Gm| |Dm | F|

There has been a lot of confusion for some of the beginner guitar players while playing this extraordinarily romantic and sweet composition Bekheyali Mone from Savvy Gupta. Shadaab Hasmi has done total justice to this song by his catchy voice. Some of the Uniquechords readers have requested the chords for this song. So here it

Song: Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Key: Bm Chording Done by Biswanath Banerjee (Bm)Talmatal, monta kichu to(A)may bolte chay (Bm)Besamal, vabnagulo to(A)may chunte chay Ami sudhu (G)cheyechhi (A)tomay Ami sudhu (G)cheyechhi (Bm)tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay (Bm)Na (A)lekha chithigulo, mon pahar(F#)ay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi tomay Ami sudhu cheyechhi

Song : Nodi bhara dheu Key: Fm (Fm)nodi vora (G#)dheu bojho nato (Fm)keu (C#)keno mich(G#)he tori ba(C#)o bao b(Fm)ao re (Fm)bharosa k(C#)ori e(G#)i bhaubo ka(Em)ndari (C#)halti (G#)dhoriye d(C#)ao dao d(Fm)ao re (Fm)baite (C#)janona (C#7th)keno dhauro (Fm)hal mon (C#)majhita tor (G#)holo re (Fm)matal bujhaiya (C#)baulo tare (G#)jete hau(Fm)be pare (C#)aubelar (G#)bela pane (C#)chao chao ch(Fm)ao re
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