Guitar Chords for Phire chaulo/Fire chalo by Fossils 3/Rupam

Song : Phire Chaulo
Album : Fossils 3/F3, A Rock Music Band from Bengal.

Artist/Music : Rupam Islam 

Guitar scale: Bm. 

Guitar Chords:
Bm                        Em         G               F#

ami bhijechi sohorer sondhay pcychedelic aloy
Bm                               Em         G                    F#
ghum bhengeche alarmer sabde ami firte cheyechi bhaloy
Bm                         Em              G                   F#
ami firechi fer tomar kathay aar tomar mayabi sporshe
Bm                      Em              G                   F#
ashroy nite barbar bigoto soto sahashro alok barshe
G              A          Bm      G                    A    Bm
tumi bolechile bhalobasha sabcheye baro hote pare
G                               A    G                A     Bm
karo nistorongo jibon srote kalboisakhi hote pare
G                   A             Bm     G             A     Bm
ghar bhanga bhalobasha pare fer onno ghar gore dite
G                               A    G                A               F#
biswaser niswase bhalobasha pare crodh tuchho kore dite
Bm                             Em    G                        A
phire chaulo sab chire chaulo jekhane mon jete chay
Bm                     Em         G                                 A
ami achi tomar opekhhay statione jakhan sesh train daray
         Bm                Em       G                        A
phire chaulo sab chire chaulo amader opurno ichhay
Bm                        Em         G                              A
ami achhi tomart opekhhay jibone jakhon sesh train daray
Bm                  F#m
phire chaulo…..oho………..
F#              E         Am          G      B               Em
asomoy jakhan amake ghire anke abhioshaper balay
(same as V2)
mahaproloye uriye debo jato bisforoner sukno chhai
ami brobhander proti dhuloy likhe debo sudhu tomake chai
tumi hoyto ekhono janona karo saddho nei amay atkay
ami bhalobashbo abar tomay jato beshi bhalobasha jay
Do drop your comments.Enjoy.Update: Previously it was published with Am scale which is not original one. Corrected to the original scale Bm now. Thanks for being with Uniquechords..

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  1. @ Subho
    OK I will. I love that that song. Already chorded it. No time to blog it. Anyways thanks for stopping by.

  2. sorry bro,i guess chord Em should be replaced by E major..otherwise its fine..gr2 n one more thing ya,the mother chord is Bm

  3. i luv d song and d beats…. its ossom…. bt unfortunately i dnt knw d meaning of d lyrics…. cud sum1 plz tell me??!!1 🙁

  4. Strumming pattern ta dhorte parchina. keu ki ei bepare help korben. ektu detail e dile valo hoy. Ami guitar e ekebarei nobin. 🙂

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